Tuesday, 2 November 2010


So OMG i need to blow off some steam.... from morning the day has been manic.. the victoria line (o don't even get me started on this line) delayed and i missed my train to uni... TOILE REVIEW TODAY.... another piece of headache... my materials decided not to work  like the time was going to stop for me in order to finish. i decided to take a minute breath before i had a mind malfunction... didn't really help because when my mind start over thinking nothing will stop it. The review didn't go as bad as i thought... the panicking from before seemed slightly over exaggerated but then it looked like time was running away from me.  i decided to toile on the mannequin for the rest of the day and wen home kind of happy with the drape just to get home to find my laptop cant switch on.. so i am praying to God that it switches on because this essay needs to get done among the gazillion of other things that i have to do.... not happy at all... and Thursday is FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT ARGHHHHHH!!!!


  1. Hellooooo...loving the blog!
    Creations are coming together really well! Hope you make a drapped dress, the effect it gives is beautiful!

    Started following, check mine and start following woo!

    Ahana x


  2. hey hope you are going to develop the organza idea even further..i remember using it for my first year, used it ontop of similar colour taffeta, it worked out really well and created my own unique fabric..ohh have you tried using watermark silk taffeta?? it looks amazing on hussein chalayans s10 collection with tiny winny pleats,sooo out of this world..i thnk it would work really well with your drapery..