Monday, 18 October 2010


So i know its apparent to me but have you noticed how fashion has slightly got away with not embracing diversity... i mean how far must they take the piss before something is done about it..  having a black ethnic back ground makes this a personal subject to me...  but more to the point i will be researching this  topic in depth for my final year dissertation and i would love to hear peoples opinion.

 this is the model Lara Stone shoot by Steven Klein (well known for his controversial pictures) for Vogue Paris.... the editor Franca Sozzani goes to say that the  concept initial inspired by the lack of black models she had seen in some runway shows until she came across the Ethiopian born Liya Kebede which was further  infused by the candidacy of Barack Obama. but i wonder what Obama would respond to this? everyone is entitled to an opinion and she has every right for hers but when you make an obvious and dramatic statement as this knowing the  sensitivity it may hold to black people i felt is irresponsible and sending the wrong messages.

Chanel Iman tries to channel Grace Jones in the July 2008 issue of Vogue Italia Image by Dusan Reljin.
 this is miss Channel Iman this is from  different shoot but i feel that the theme transcend in this picture as well. you cant knock down the picture for its visual capacity but the way in which its done.

VOGUE ITALIA  BLACK ISSUE: was the message misinterpreted ?  was she trying to raise awareness of the lack of diversity within the fashion industry

 Why didnt they use an actual black model ?????


  1. I don't think the industry is racist or denying black models as such...People always seem to talk about this topic..and it kinda frustrates me..because how many black people actually buy high fashion clothing or accessories?
    I don't buy high fashion clothing, simply because I can't afford it, but I wouldn't buy it even if I could, because it doesn't even cater to my body shape, let alone appeal to my race...there are soooo many different issues in the fashion industry, but in a way, it is what makes the industry,the industry...I am a young black woman, who is a designer..have I felt the stuggles of being a black I am not a black designer..I am a fashion designer who happens to be black...and thats how real high fashion models think...they aren't black models...they are models that happen to be are born with what you have and it is up to you to either embrace it and use what you have and enchance your career or let it be a boundary for the rest of your life and watch your dreams fade away...

    I didn't buy the black issue of Vogue..because I truly thought it was another publicity stunt..and people fed into it...the same way I don't celebrate black history month..people shouldn't ditate when I should appreciate being black, as I am black every single day..and if you can't appreciate that..then you are the one with the problem not me!! it's just a different level of ignorance and uneducated people!!

    I know I said soooo much, and it may all sound jumbled up..but I was typing away..but I think you can catch my drift...

  2. lol i get your point but then i would argue the industry has been set up as such so that its exclusive to a certain race certain people... there are black people out there splashing on couture and ready to wear garments that come with atleast 3 zeros behind a number no doubt. but even you sayin that the clothe dnt appeal to you o you figure goes to high light the design genre or direction is what is seen as the ideal social beauty o body shape. fashion is about is about individualism but you cant deny that being of a black enthnic does come into play in model selection because it must do at some point....

    Iam still researching this topic my dissertation is on it i can only speak from what i see and know i will probably give you an informed answer in december